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  • Being a leader of a nonprofit can be overwhelming and at times, feeling as the only executive director with unique issues.  I turn to NpDP which, thankfully, provides the space for me to connect with other nonprofit leaders, share experiences, enhance my skills and guide me to the information I need in managing this organization.  Both my staff and I greatly benefit from the trainings and networking events.

  • It’s easy to feel at times that we as nonprofit managers are undergoing the Sisyphean task of pushing a very large rock uphill. It’s easy to feel alone in that task sometimes. Luckily, the NpDP provides a forum for us to connect to other managers, and learn new and vital information to make that task easier. The NpDP’s forums and roundtable discussions have opened my eyes to new ways of garnering needed support for our cause. They’ve also allowed me to share our own successes and mistakes to other managers, so that, together, we can elevate the vitality of the nonprofit sector in our community.

    Luke Walrath
    Executive Director
    Alpine Theatre Project
  • Most everyone of good will talks about supporting the community’s nonprofits – NpDP actually does something about providing that much needed support.  Prior to NpDP, our local nonprofits tended to be isolated from one another, each often feeling like it was them alone against the world, and usually lacking the resources to properly get the job done.  NpDP has brought local nonprofits together and provided the training and networking that serves as both stimulus and confidence builder to help us be more effective in our work for the Flathead Valley community.

    Gil Jordan
    Executive Director
    The Museum at Central School
  • Participating in NpDP workshops helped clarify some essentials regarding the role of our Board and our need for specific policies to be established. Our Board is becoming a working board with our meetings guided by the chairperson instead of me. Policies which are being developed will enable us to operate in more professional and efficient manner. I now understand their governance is to include future planning, development of policies and fundraising. This shift in my understanding was significantly impacted by the training I received through NpDP.


    Drew Buckner
    Executive Director
    Braveheart Chaplain Ministry

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